“Why Anarchy?”: A Rant

“The free man owns himself. He can damage himself with either eating or drinking; he can ruin himself with gambling. If he does he is certainly a damn fool, and he might possibly be a damned soul; but if he may not, he is not a free man any more than a dog.” – G.K. Chesterton


   “Without freedom what is  man but a more superior ape; capable of reaching for the cosmos within his mind, but limited in his actions by the chains placed upon him by those he calls his brothers. For millennia men have sought to rule over one another by force, and through threats of violence. It ought not to be this way. “


Many of us have been raised up to see anarchy as a state of violent revolution with masked men roaming the streets in large groups, hurling molotov cocktails at groups of men clad with state issued uniforms that in turn, are hurling bullets and gas back into the throng of armed and violent dissidents. For those of us that owe our lives and our allegiance to the Most High, and for those anarchists that hold true the Libertarian ideals of personal property rights and non-aggression , this kind of revolution simply will not due. Anarchy can be achieved through peaceful means, including non-participation. And through seeking new ways to operate outside of government intervention, as well as challenging the role of government in everyday life. Take the example set by Lysander Spooner , a hero in his time and a role-model for our own, that successfully competed with the United States Postal Service to the ultimate benefit of all people within the U.S.

Where the State is, you will find injustice, violence, corruption, murder, restriction of personal liberty, a host of evil and atrocities, most of which are unknown to those of us under its thumb. Let that sink in for a moment, if we only consider the known crimes of the American government since the year 1900; we have a plethora of  assassinationspolitical coups, human experimentation upon it’s own citizenry, and the list goes on. Imagine how much worse the actual evil committed in the name of the State is! Make no mistake, the abuse of the power men submit to in the name of the State is as corrupting as it gets.  Absolute power truly does corrupt absolutely.


Many think we just need to “vote the right candidate” into office or that “it is our duty to vote” and “between the lesser of two evils” no less. All of this is a misguided attempt to hold on to a system that like a rabid dog that attacks all that come near, ought to be put down. I submit to you that it is Democracy itself that has failed us. And for the same reason the actions of government are all tainted with the immorality of theft, because it operates by compulsion.  That the majority makes decisions for the minority is the absolute of injustice. What right do the mass of humans all born within the same imaginary lines as me have to rule me through popular opinion? There is none. Yet, this is the system we find ourselves in. A system in which discrimination, violence, injustice, are inherent; and the basis for the “right” of elected officials to make laws that I must submit to under threat of violence is nothing more than the shaky ground of majority opinion.

The defining principle in all of human life is that we own our person. When we are born, we are not born property of the State, or of society, or of any group. We are born only accountable to our conscience and to God. Any human claim to our person, or  to our property, is an illegitimate one. I have yet to see the mythical “social contract” eluded to by our detractors, and I was not party to the signing of the Constitution. Furthermore, I find the operations of the government repugnant. Herein lies the rub, for those of us that see the evils we are left with no recourse but to follow the leanings of our conscience and to stop recognizing the alleged authority laid claim over us by the powers that be, and to seek for a peaceful resolution to the dissonance between how things are, and how they ought to be. I would like to stress that it is the compulsion by which the state, and democracy operate that I find most immoral. To be sure, some government programs do some good. But any goodness is tarnished by the means by which the government perpetuates it’s alleged “goodness”. It is no more right, nor good, nor moral for me to rob you of your money and/or property and claim to use the proceeds from my crime to eradicate the social injustices in the world than it is for elected officials in ivory towers to do the same. What is it within the human psyche that seeks to be ruled over by other humans? What would cause a person to condemn the murder of children within it’s borders, but demote the bombing of a hospital on the other side of the world to the cliche of “collateral damage”?  I don’t suspect I have a good answer for that, and I suspect any will be long in the coming.


If given the choice, many if not most would choose to stay under the current system, and that is okay. We don’t ask that you all join us, we only ask that we be left alone.












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